Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Thugs Destroy........

Conversation that just took place with my children: 
"Hey guys, there was a riot yesterday. 8,000 people bombarded a building and several hundred made it in. They destroyed property and set 89 fires. They refused to leave when police arrived. There was even gunfire reported. What do you think happened?" 
My daughter and son looked at me in horror. My son shook his head slowly as he looked downward and my daughter asked in a quiet voice, "They shot them all dead?" 
I paused before answering as they held their breath. 
"Only three canisters of tear gas was used and only a handful of arrests were made," I replied. 
They looked at me dumbfounded and confused. My daughter's face lit up and said, "See, I knew all cops aren't racists against blacks! There are good cops out there!"
At which point I let her know that the rioters were not blacks. They were whites celebrating a football game win. (Our family has had a lot of conversations about the riots/protests since August so her assumption was not based on her thinking only blacks are rioters, but based on our many conversations concerning racism in this country). 
My son looked at me confused and said, "Wait a minute, it's OK and legal if you are celebrating but not if you are protesting?"
I didn't reply. I let them set there a minute and think it through. Then, they begin discussing how different it would have been if blacks had done that instead of whites. 
*Over 90 FIRES set by rioters
*Aprx 8,000 rioters(yes, that's eight thousand) swarmed a stadium
*Of those 8,000, there were several hundred that were successful in getting past police and into the stadium
*Property was destroyed by the rioters
*Rioters FIRED GUNS!!!
*Rioters refused to leave the area, resulting in tear gas being deployed.
*Arrests were made.
*No one was killed.
*National Guard was not called in. 

These rioters haven't made the news near as much as one would expect in a country that has been riveted to riots of late. As a matter of fact, despite the large numbers and the violence, there were only 3 (yes, that's three) canisters of tear gas deployed and only a "handful of arrests". 
Also noted was Fox News headline of their coverage: 
"89 Fires Reported near Ohio State's campus in post-game revelry"
Ummmm..... wait.....what??? 
WKYC Headline: "Police respond to victory celebrations on Ohio State campus".... also, "Police respond to rowdy fans in Columbus"
USA Today: "Police respond to Ohio State victory celebrations"
Washington Post: "Things got rowdy in Ohio"
John Brown, Fox35, Host of Good Day Orlando tweeted "Riots after the ‪#‎OhioState‬ game! If anybody should be rioting, it should be ‪#‎TCU‬!"
Across twitter there were people making predictions for the last month such as Micheal G (@mgump), a Trial Lawyer & Conservative Policy Advocate from Georgia, "Ohio State better make the playoffs! Buckeye Nation could start riots after all! ‪#‎justiceforOSU‬" . 
My personal comment (which I am sure is echoed by many), "Don't those thugs realize they are tearing up their own town? That's what happens when you get kids raised by poor single mamas cause their dead beat daddies ain't around". 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Asperger Suicide Rates

The results are in. A study in the UK has shown that 66% of people with Aspergers are suicidal.(Stats show only 17 % of the general population and 59% of those with diagnosed psychosis are). Of the 66% of people with Asperger with suicide ideation, 35% have planned or attempted suicide. 31% reported depression. It was unexpected that more people reported lifetime experience of suicidal thoughts than were depressed.    

What about children? Although the studies are still few and far between, studies have shown that children ages 1-16 with Autism have suicide ideations or attempts. 

There are a variety of ideas as to why those with Aspergers are ten times more likely to have suicide ideation than the average person. Everything from social isolation to inability to understand emotions. 

As a near-typical I can't say that I understand or know the answer. However, as a person that loves many Aspies, it appears to me that it may be due to their knowing exactly how unique they are. They see the world completely different than neuro-typs. As a result, they can not understand how people can wear blinders, be cruel, not pursue their own happiness, and more. Constantly bombarded with other people's trivial thoughts without being able to understand why people are "fake"...... and even if they do understand the logic of it, it still isn't anything they can do. 

You see, the Aspies I know don't think they belong here. They don't feel they will ever fit in. 

I hope they never do fit in. I hope they stay right here walking among us and showing the world how we are supposed to love and embrace empathy. 

Without a shadow of a doubt, I know that my life is enriched and that I am a better person simply because I know an Aspie.




Monday, January 5, 2015

Aspie Curtain

All my life I have struggled to belong.
Always being told your doing it wrong. 
Most of my thoughts I kept inside.
Never really knowing who to confide.
Knew every answer never had to study.
No true friend just the occasional buddy.
Always in trouble for speaking out of turn.
Proper social skills so hard to learn.
Eye contact was a troubling thing.
I'd rather just hum, whistle or sing.
Then one day a thought came to be.
Asperger's syndrome is this part of me.
Looking back all the signs were there.
My life became oh suddenly clear.
For this is me I am now so certain.
Out from behind this Aspie Curtain.

Guest Blog
January 5, 2014
By Aspie Santa

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